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If you want to improve your sex life, order Generic Levitra!

If you want to improve your sex life, order Generic Levitra!

Are you looking for high-quality tablets for potency? Learn more about Levitra Generic - a preparation with Vardenafil, a powerful active ingredient of an original Levitra product.

The effect provided by Levitra Generic is identical to the effect of original Levitra pill for potency. A powerful enhancement goes in 25-30 minutes after taking the potency drug. The achieved erection can last from 8 to 12 hours. On conditions that your health is strong enough for such activity, the sexual performance will increase noticeably. An active component Vardenafil known as quite compatible. Independent medical studies proved that side effects occur rarely and with no serious consequences.

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

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Levitra Generic


Generic Levitra: general information

Levitra Generic available for purchase in a form of a pill with 20 mg concentration of its active component. This is a maximum dosage that should not be exceeded. In case you need less, you can easily split the tablet or to quarter it.

The required time for Levitra to start working is about 25-60 minutes. So take the pill an hour earlier the sexual activity. The sexual performance will last for a long time – from 8 to 12 hours.

General Effect

Take into account that both generic and original version of Levitra contains similar active component. No surprise Levitra Generic provides the same effect as the original brand does. The effectiveness is provided by the Vardenafil, PDE-5 inhibitor that provides long erection and stops its degradation.


In case the listed preconditions make sense for you, do not take Levitra:

  • You are taking other potency boosters;
  • You are taking drugs that are contraindicated to Levitra;
  • You are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, have low blood pressure or other health issues that can; be dangerous for your health.

Possible Side Effects

Just like other medicines, Levitra Generic can have side effects, although in general generics are quite compatible products. Undesirable effects occur in case of high sensitivity of the organism towards an active component. Fortunately, most of side effects are not dangerous and pass on their own in a short time. In case you observe a long lasting side effect, consult with your doctor.

General side effects are:

  • Headache;
  • Facial redness;
  • Stiffness of the nose;
  • Indigestion.

If you are taking pills with N.O. donors for treatment or pills containing nitrates, you should refrain from taking Levitra until you finish your major treatment course.

Interaction with different enzymes may lead to specific undesired consequences. Interaction with some fruits (like grapefruit) or food (with high level of fat) also possible.

The most spread side effect of Levitra Generic is slight headache. But mostly patients tolerate Levitra very well and in 99% get the desirable effect. Side effects, even if there are any, have a short duration period.

It is significant that effects of generic product is similar to the original Levitra.

Levitra Generic Testimonials

  • L
    Verified review

    I was skeptical about it, but it works exactly as others described, i.e. one pill is enough for 2-3 days, unbelievable great product.

  • W
    Verified review

    This product is amazing. Works great. Longevity is unbelievable performance. Value for the money. Will by again and recommend to all of my friends. To every man.

  • R
    Verified review

    I think this might be my new go-to for this type of product. Long lasting, no headache, no heartburn. Does what is intended for a good price.

  • M
    Verified review

    This product works. No headaches, no side effects like with every other pill I have tried. Keeps me ready to go for around 3 days. Makes me feel like I am in my 20s again, and that's saying something for a 49 year old with diabetes and high blood pressure. This is now my go-to enhancer.

  • N
    Verified review

    I like this product because it shows result not once but every time.Plan ahead, Use it at least 30 minutes before intercourse. You and your partner will enjoy every minute with long lasting pleasure...

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